Boundary and Topographical Survey

The Survey Division at ARH offers state of the art cadastral surveys throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We provide our clients and A/E professionals with survey services that range from small rural boundary surveys to large title surveys covering multiple tracts and owners. Our highly qualified staff includes licensed surveyors, project managers, cad technicians, GPS specialists and certified field crews using the latest instrumentation.

Our boundary capabilities include preparing Farmland Preservation Surveys, Green Acre Surveys, ALTA/ACSM land title surveys for commercial transactions, major and minor subdivisions for land development, right-of-way analysis for transportation & energy projects, and party-wall determinations for urban property descriptions. Our specialized instrumentation includes Global Positioning (GPS), Robotics & Reflex, Scanning and Programmed Data Collection. Typically we will combine these technologies to perform our surveys economically and efficiently.

Topographic/Right-of-Way Surveys

ARH develops concise topographic surveys using conventional ground location methods, robotics, scanning and GPS. We couple our data collection and GPS with our computer programming to provide accurate and cost-effective mapping in AutoCAD or MicroStation formats. Our knowledge, experience and equipment have placed us at the forefront of the data collection and mapping industry, and allows us to advise our clients on any type of topographic survey solution