The Gloucester County Justice Complex

Expanding the Gloucester County Justice Complex was a high priority to meet the growing needs of the County court system. The three-story 120,000 sf $50 M addition enlarges the court system operations and consolidates many of the courtroom functions into a common facility. Visitor and employee parking are managed by a separate 354 space, three story parking garages integrated with 5,400 square feet of commercial retail space, access to Hunter and Broad Streets, and ADA compliant barrier-free walkways.

During the initial phase of concept design review, our Value Engineering program saved the County $200,000 in development of an underground detention vault. Essential infrastructural services continued with the design of a comprehensive stormwater system, water and fire supply, gravity sanitary sewer, internal roadways, retaining walls and security fencing. In addition, ARH completed all survey documents including a comprehensive outbound survey, detailed topographic surveys, underground utility studies and preparation of easement plans and legal descriptions.