As a firm founded on partnership, the foundation of the ARH Difference began with the philosophy of Chris Rehmann, who led ARH’s growth from a two-car garage to a firm with over 90 employees across the State. Today, memorialized by a core set of Fundamentals, the ARH team continues to uphold our history and our mission to serve as Client Partners, understanding that we are more than vendors or service providers and that true success is defined by the confidence they entrust in us.

“Ensuring our clients’ success is a core commitment of ARH. We deliver on that promise by adhering to basic principles: We will go the extra mile to keep our services affordable, we will create a culture in which all our team members are accessible, we will be relentless about improvement, and we will always honor our commitments. Our approach enables us to elevate our value beyond conventional expectations, serving our clients at a higher level as a trusted, value-added partner.”

Richard Rehmann, President