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ARH Planning Divison

Lead by Vice President of Planning Stuart Wiser, PP, AICP, the ARH Planning Division prides itself in providing clients with an approach that carefully balances creativity, pragmatism and community integration.

Our team is able to provide expert services pertaining to redevelopment, master planning, urban development, ordinance writing and review. In coordination with our environmental and regulatory compliance teams, we work together to provide policymakers with the broad scope of information necessary to make informed decisions.

This includes evaluation of the programmatic requirements of various municipal, educational and other public-sector functions, identification of appropriate land resources to address these programmatic needs, development of facility concepts and threshold (as well as in-depth) environmental evaluation, permitting requirements and related analyses to insure a sound regulatory basis for these concepts.

ARH Planning

Destination Through Innovation

ARH’s Project Team approach is perfectly suited for clients who want their projects to stand above the rest.  In addition to our dedication to the technical aspects of a project, we strive to provide value added visioning services that often raise our projects to be desired destinations.

From waterfronts and downtowns to racetracks, golf courses, amusement parks and coastal entertainment our team is ready to work for you.

Expert Services

Our team works with both private and governmental clients in providing expert and regulatory management services to support and enhance their visions.  These services which include:

  • The review, development and updating of Master Plans;
  • The creation of redevelopment and rehabilitation studies, reports and plans;
  • Developing design guidelines and zoning requirements;
  • Municipal de-annexation studies;
  • Planning Board and Zoning Board Representation.

Land Use Consultation

Our planning team is ready to work with you in not only realizing your vision for development but suiting it to the needs of the local community and its regulatory boards and agencies. We will work with you through the entire process in meeting planning, zoning, and stormwater management compliance, serving not only as your consultant but your advocate.