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What is now present day ARH was created in 1935 when Earl Rehmann and John Adams teamed up to perform a survey project. Paid with $10 bill, the two men tore the bill in half to create a business partnership with the promise that should either wish to end the relationship, they would return their half of the torn bill. Now, over eight decades later ARH has grown into a regional firm, performing work across the Mid-Atlantic region, and both Earl Rehmann and John Adams were buried with their half of the $10 bill.

Adams, Rehmann & Heggan Associates, 1930s

While the firm has grown significantly since our humble roots in a two car garage on Hammonton’s Grape Street, the values of team work, collaboration and client service have remained consistent throughout the years. Propelled by the addition of Rueben Heggan Jr. in the 1970’s, ARH has now entered its third generation as a family owned business led by President Richard Rehmann, GISP.

Richard is joined by Richard Heggan, PLS, PP, Jeff MacPhee, PLS and Carolyn Feigin, PE, PP as the principals of the firm.  

In 2016 the company merged its two Hammonton offices into a refurbished, state-of-the-art Corporate Headquarters in the heart of Hammonton’s downtown. While the company celebrates its past and builds towards the future it remains committed to its client-centric values that have led to the success.