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ARH Survey Division

For over 8 decades, ARH Survey has led the way in surveying excellence, guided by our core principle: “We survey the land, the air, and the water.” Operating across NJ, PA, MD, and DE, we blend state-of-the-art technologies with traditional surveying expertise, ensuring precision and reliability in every project, from small rural boundary surveys to expansive title surveys.

Our Survey Division not only supports our design projects but also serves as a direct client resource throughout the regions we operate in. Additionally, our dedicated team in the energy sector collaborates with leading providers, focusing on surveying transmission lines and critical infrastructure projects. Our role in electric and gas transmission lines, substations, and generators underscores our vital contribution to energy infrastructure development.

With a diverse portfolio highlighting our adaptability and unwavering dedication to excellence, ARH Survey is the ideal choice for any project, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering superior results.

Survey - Survey Capabilities

Survey Capabilities

Aerial Target Placement & Location
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
Architectural Building Analysis
As-built Grading & Utility Surveys
Boundary Analysis & Property Surveys
Construction Layout Services
Deformation Monitoring
Easement Locations (Surface & Air Rights)
Farmland Preservation
Forensic Field Surveys
High Accuracy Control Networks
Historic Boundary Retracement
Lease Area Plans & Descriptions
Inner-city Property Analysis & District Coordination
Expert Witness Testimony
Presentation Documents
Railroad, Bridge, Tunnel & Dam Surveys
Right-of-Way Determinations (Highways, Transmission Lines)
Riparian Boundaries & Marine Surveys
Subdivision Plans
Title Research
Wetlands Locations & Mapping
Zoning & Mapping

ARH Survey

Boundary and Topographical Survey

The Survey Division at ARH offers state of the art cadastral surveys throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We provide our clients and A/E professionals with survey services that range from small rural boundary surveys to large title surveys covering multiple tracts and owners. Our highly qualified staff includes licensed surveyors, project managers, cad technicians, GPS specialists and certified field crews using the latest instrumentation.

Our boundary capabilities include preparing Farmland Preservation Surveys, Green Acre Surveys, ALTA/ACSM land title surveys for commercial transactions, major and minor subdivisions for land development, right-of-way analysis for transportation & energy projects, and party-wall determinations for urban property descriptions. Our specialized instrumentation includes Global Positioning (GPS), Robotics & Reflex, Scanning and Programmed Data Collection. Typically we will combine these technologies to perform our surveys economically and efficiently.

Topographic/Right-of-Way Surveys

ARH develops concise topographic surveys using conventional ground location methods, robotics, scanning and GPS. We couple our data collection and GPS with our computer programming to provide accurate and cost-effective mapping in AutoCAD or MicroStation formats. Our knowledge, experience and equipment have placed us at the forefront of the data collection and mapping industry, and allows us to advise our clients on any type of topographic survey solution.

ARH Survey

Robotic Reflex & 3D Laser Scanning

Architects, Planners, Structural Engineers and Utility providers have always shown interest in creating intricate 3D models of their buildings, substations, bridges, tunnels and dams. Our robotic reflex and automated scanning via spatial image survey stations can produce accurate 2-D as-built surveys of complex interiors and exteriors; all with a detail and clarity previously unobtainable.

Our scanning process is simple; existing positions of a facility or façade are captured with high measurement density point clouds. When combined with camera images, users can identify and extract important structural details. Design costs can be appreciably reduced without sacrificing accuracy. Production & construction schedules can be greatly accelerated and deliverables perfected –rich content, in a clear 3D usable picture model, at a price more affordable than conventional surveys.

ARH Survey

Building Survey

ARH provides comprehensive building surveys for architectural expansions and asset management. These surveys involve the use of robotic or reflex scanning technologies to accurately locate a buildings foundation system, or to detail interior walls, ceilings and utilities. Exterior building components such as facades, columns, roof features and windows can be located and mapped in plan, profile and perspective views, providing clients with an extremely detailed and usable end product. Our services include:

  • Evaluation of Building Plumb
  • Work Point Coordinates
  • Location of footings and foundations
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Location of Exterior Windows & Architectural Façade Treatments
  • Column Locations
  • Best-Fit Analysis Calculations
  • Location of Basement & Interior Walls, Utility Lines, Floors & Ceilings
  • Area Calculations, Wall Sections, Building Profiles
  • 2D& 3D Mapping & Reporting
ARH Survey


The ARH team provides solutions across the power generation and renewable energy fields, including surveying hundreds of miles of both electric and gas transmission lines.  

Our portfolio of clients includes the nation’s leading electric provider, providing services across the Mid-Atlantic region, working on transmission lines, generators, and substations. 

ARH Survey

Bathymetric Survey

ARH has been providing bathymetric surveying to support our riparian surveys since our inception. Our key location in Atlantic County has dictated our involvement in providing surveys for waterfront development permits, lake surveys, retention basin volume surveys and many other survey projects related to the tidal and inland waters of the State. We have developed methods to increase the accuracy of our bathymetric surveys using a sounding pole tied directly to a robotic total station. In deep water and strong current conditions, we have the resources to use a HydroLite-TM depth sounding instrument (+/-1CM) attached directly to a robotic total station.