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ARH Engineering Division

Our engineering team is comprised of experts specializing in site design, water resources, vertical and horizontal structures, community parks, athletic fields, transportation, public buildings, and infrastructure improvements.

With a dedicated focus on public and community outreach, we deliver results by not only implementing proven methodologies and solving complex problems, but also in navigating regulatory and approval agencies. We go “the extra mile” to consider the community impact, the end users, sustainability and constructability in all designs.

Site Design and Development


ARH’s site design portfolio includes new, highly innovative residential communities, commercial centers, industrial complexes, public buildings, and educational facilities throughout the region.  We work with our clients in developing the most efficient and effective critical path – from due diligence and concept development through the construction administration, inspection, and closeout. Our project team concept allows us to expertly navigate the regulatory and approval process – while maintaining a high-level focus on the end user and cost management, as well as adhering to New Jersey stormwater and floodplain management regulations.  

Roads and Infrastructure


ARH is proud to manage road improvement programs for several clients, as our team has designed and oversaw heavy construction of hundreds of miles of roadway.

Our projects involve road design and construction, infrastructure improvements, stormwater management, NJDOT permitting, and construction management.

ARH consults with local officials, public works, emergency management, school boards, local business leaders and residents who will be affected by construction.



Water Resources

ARH Engineering


ARH has been involved in numerous water and sewer infrastructure projects ranging from new water supply wells, elevated storage facilities, water distribution mains, meter replacement, sewer collection systems, pump stations, force mains, upgrades to treatment facility and the planning and facilitation of construction for the Coastal Interceptor pipeline in Hamilton, NJ. 

Athletic Fields and Recreation

Whether designing championship caliber sports fields, developing athletic complexes or creating a relaxing passive recreation experience, ARH has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. Our innovative irrigation and stormwater management techniques keep our fields playable and ready to go.

We listen generously not only to the desired end users, taking the time to talk to players and coaches to maximize functionality, we also prioritize working with maintenance teams and landscapers to maximize sustainability.

Over the last 10 years ARH has designed enough soccer fields to host the first round of the World Cup, enough football fields to host the first two rounds of the NFL playoffs and enough baseball fields to play 

ARH Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Providing resilient resources and waterfront infrastructure is vital to the maintenance, protection and development of New Jersey’s 130 miles of coastline in addition to our riverfront, bayshore, and lakeside communities.  With a focus on innovation, we take pride in providing custom solutions tailored to specific client requirements, site conditions, environmental concerns, and regulatory restrictions in the design and construction of bulkheads, marinas, dams, culverts, and beach and boardwalk enhancement projects.

Construction Management and Inspection


ARH specializes in providing construction management and inspection services (CMCI) by integrating the latest technology, methods, and approaches focused on protecting the physical, financial, and economic interests of our clients.  Whether the project was designed by ARH or others, our protocols focus on both the direct and indirect impacts of construction projects while adhering to the requirements established by funding sources, grant providers, and regulatory agencies.