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ARH Regulatory Management

At ARH, we have built a team to directly assist our client partners in navigating approval and regulatory agencies. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, our team of environmental engineers, scientists, and regulatory specialists focuses on achieving results consistently and expeditiously for our clients.

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Licensed Site Remediation Professionals

ARH possesses the technical ability to perform all aspects of soil, groundwater, and surface water remediation, performed under the supervision of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP).

ARH environmental engineers, scientists, and technical personnel have backgrounds in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art remedial technologies including bioremediation, thermal oxidation, soil venting & vapor extraction, air & steam stripping, soil washing, solvent extraction, as well as many other innovative technologies.

Through the acquisition, development, and extensive use of state of the art numerical and analytical computer models, ARH personnel have the capability of studying a wide range of problems including the analysis of groundwater flow, pollutant transport, and surficial hydrologic systems.  Numerical models are used in many circumstances where commonly used analytical models are not suitable due to site specific boundary conditions, regional flow conditions, or other system complexities.  These models allow for the predictive analysis of site conditions at a level of detail which is not possible using other methods.  


Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Our team provides a full range of environmental permitting services to a variety of private and public sector clients.

Operating in New Jersey, the Nation’s second most stringent State for permitting, ARH’s environmental scientists fully understand the complexity of the process and have developed an excellent rapport with various regulatory staffers throughout numerous reviewing agencies.

Our years of experience in scheduling, and preparation of applications for local, state, and federal permits, licensing agreements, and construction approvals encompass a wide variety of project evaluation and permitting approaches. ARH’s team is skilled in all areas of agency negotiation, alternatives analysis, critical path management, permit strategy development, permit applications, and Environmental Impact Report and Statements.


Land Use Consultation

Our expertise in navigating the regulatory and environmental constraints of land development is highlighted in our work on several the region’s top golf courses.  We have worked for noted golf course designers Tom Fazio, George Fazer, Ben Crenshaw, and Steve Key – collaborating closely during the conceptual planning process, and provide integrated stormwater solutions, environmental mitigation, fairway and green contouring and landscape architecture to the final design of each project. Our services have included innovative turf management programs, herbicide and pesticide programs, and detailed landscaping plans.